We are taught to see failure as a state of being that we must avoid. But to see failure in these simple, reductive terms of good and bad is to misunderstand its nature. Failure isn’t good. It isn’t bad. Failure is indifferent. It is persistent. It simply, always, is. With the help of Klay Thompson, Michael K Williams, and director Nicolas Winding Refn, we set out to defeat failure in an homage to one of film’s greatest achievements, Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal.

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No film would truly be complete without a genuine movie poster, which was printed and anonymously mailed to fifty different prominent members of the sports media at ESPN, The Ringer, B/R, TNT, and more before launch.

Artwork by illustrator Jonathan Bartlett.



To build hype for the film, we dropped cryptic teasers all across the web and Klay’s Instagram leading up to its launch during the NBA playoffs.

Next we captured Klay and MKW playing chess and chatting about mental health. Michael was a true adversary, but still no match for the splash brother.


Photography by Arsenii Vaselenko
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