After ten beers, I usually like to cleanse my palette with a Mike's Hard Lemonade before I drink ten more and eat a Grande Meal. Sometimes you gotta change things up. And that's exactly what we did with this campaign. Every bit of this campaign would change on you when you least expected it. Full Disclosure, I’ve never had a Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade         
Always Different, Always Refreshing
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Every room of the Best Western Lawrence in Lawrence, Kansas has a holy bible and a yellow pages. Barry and I were flipping through the yellow pages when they found an odd entry for a Crow Removal service. The rest is Mike’s Hard Lemonade history.

We also made a very dumb website where you could book an appointment with the scarecrow and leave him a voicemail. A bunch of very lonely people signed the guestbook.


If that weren’t enough, we kept changing things up on Mike’s social channels and website, so everytime you visited there’d be an entirely different experience, game, contest, or content.

There were live Mariachi bands who sing you a custom song. Labor Day trips to Miami with a Bear in a bikini. An inifinitely scrolling website of never ending legs. An app where you could put your own sound effects over fireworks. Can you believe they bought this stuff? I still can’t.

Even our print would change depending on where you saw it. Sometimes it was in a magazine other times it would be wild postings. Can you spot the difference?

Forgive me for taking you hostage through all of this.
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