Chris paul is an icon – on the court and off – appearing in State Farm campaigns since 2012. But when you’ve reached icon status, there are bound to be imitators. Enter the New Chris Paul.
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The New Chris Paul
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But let’s rewind for a minute, how did we seamlessly launch this to the millions of NBA fans? Well, during All-Star Weekend, The New Chris Paul hacked CP3’s instagram and confused the hell out of a lot of people.


And then during the All-Star game we took over the entire arena when the New Chris Paul’s 2020 highlight mixtape abruptly played on the United Center’s Jumbrotron.

The New Chris Paul continued his hostile takeover of Chris Paul’s life throughout the rest of the basketball season across broadcast and online media.

The New Chris Paul is a seriously connected man. He was able to infiltrate every single one of State Farm’s media partners in an attempt to truly replace the real deal. Working with B/R, Turner, Player’s Tribune, and more, we were able to extend the campaign into some really unexpected places. And on top of that made a complete line of TNCP apparel that was available to fans at marquee NBA events.


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