We knew that ESPN’s The Last Dance was going to be a big deal, and wanted to make sure State Farm showed up both seamlessly and on-the-level with what NBA fans have come to expect froms us. So, when a global pandemic came along and shut down our production with ESPN Creative Works, we quickly pivoted to using existing footage and technology we’re all a little scared of, the deep fake. Take it away Kenny Mayne...

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The Last Dance
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NBA Twitter can be a tough nut to crack. Well, we completely broke it in half. From fans to sports writers to NBA players, everyone was talking about it.

And if that weren’t enough, a couple people wrote about it too.

New York Times Fast Co AdWeek Barstool Muse USA Today

FastCo went as far as to say it was “…the first great non-COVIDvertising ad since the pandemic began.”


Production got super scrappy, and by that i mean a crew of one. Kenny’s 20-year-old daughter was our cinematographer and captured everything perfectly.

It was such a hit, that we did it again.

For the finale. With Keith Olbermann and Linda Cohn. And we fooled the world for a second time.

Rinse and Repeat on the accolades and press. 😊
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